Golden roads gilded by autumn

Peles, Pelisor, Bran, Rasnov, Brasov

I was in a one day trip from Bucharest to Brasov this Sunday. I went to Peles, Pelisor, to Bran, to Rasnov and to Brasov. It was one of the most beautiful trips in this area this year. The reason is that I have found a wonderful, lively, colourful, but trembling and slightly sensitive nature. The nature has begun to prepare for winter. The autumn is slowly, but surely undressing the forest of its leaves. This ritual is spectacular. Unique chromatics cover everything. Even the sky line changes in infinite shades of blue.


The first stop was at Peles, the castle of Romania’s royal family. From Peles one could see in the horizon the already golden alpine pastures of Bucegi mountains. The surrounding forest was of a light green that will be soon changed in yellow. A gentle tranquility could be felt all over the place. Only the slightly cold wind was occasionally bringing a little bit of suspense. The atmosphere was nice. The happiness could be sensed in everyone’s soul. The place had more charm under the sun’s smile.

At Pelisor everything was wrapped in mystery because the morning light penetrated fearful through the windows creating a shadows and penumbras game. From inside you could see through the window the endless autumn’s games. You could feel you are close to the nature. The pastures of Bucegi were like a step away.

At noon I went to Bran Castle. Here, the colourful atmosphere and the autumn calm were present. The inner courtyard of the castle, although separated by massive walls from the nature, changes its colours taking over shades of white and golden. Far away the blue sky line was merging with the changeable green forests.


I arrived in the evening at Rasnov Fortress. Here I was amazed by the landscape. The sun was setting down beyond Piatra Craiului Massif leaving behind it a golden trace. Everything around seemed magical. Rows of forests, each one with different shades of green stretched to Bucegi. The Depression of Transylvania was lost in a fine colourful mist. Only the houses in Rasnov, situated close to the fortress were visible. Everything was gentle and the chromatics inspired warmth. The yellow inner walls of the fortress, the dim evening light and the autumn smell dould made one feel like in a fairytale world.

I have read and reread these lines. They are somehow exaggerated. Maybe I have vibrated too much with the places and the nature, but the photos can show the best the charm of autumn and those places. Every time when I ask myself “why Pure Romania?” is enough to remember a moment as one from the day described above an everything starts to make sense.


Golden roads gilded by autumn

Photos: Peles, Pelisor, Bran, Rasnov, Brasov