Poienari Fortress

Poienari Fortress is one of the places most connected to Vlad the Impaler, Dracula. Poienari Fortress was built in the 14th century but was extended and consolidated by Vlad the Impaler.

This phase of expansion was recorded by the chronicler Radu Popescu. Accordingly to him to punish the people from Targoviste “who had done something wrong to a brother of Vlad Voda”, the lord “sent his servants on Easter day and they caught the men and women and boys and girls, dressed up for holiday, and brought them to Poienari Fortress where they worked till their clothes torn apart”.

A big part of the fortress was preserved. The northern part is the one that did not resist to time. It collapsed in Arges River. The access point is next to Arges River bed. The traveller must climb 1480 steps up the Cetatuia Mountain. The trail passes through the thick forest coming to light only towards the end of the route. It is worth to get to Poienari Fortress to see the places that are really connected to Vlad the Impaler and to enjoy a special view (from up there you can see toward south a good part from Arges Valley and toward north the narrow path of Arges River).

How do you get there?

You can get there easily from Curtea de Arges driving for about 25 km on the road named Transfagarasan, DN7C.

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Article: Andreea Andrei

Photo: Pure Romania

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