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Rasnov citadel photos

Is like a journey back in time, you feel the medieval atmosphere and you get inspired – Rasnov citadel, the little place from the medieval ages.

Romania is amazing by the preserved vestiges untouched by time. A good example for that is Rasnov Citadel. The documentary attestations settle its origins in the 14th century. It is also believed that the base of the fortification was set by the Teutonic knights a century earlier by building a wooden fortification. Rasnov Citadel is special by its settlement, the sights are amazing and the photos highlight this appearance. Rasnov Citadel was well preserved. Beside the tall walls was also preserved the inside. So inside there can be seen preserved medieval buildings, the residents’ little houses, which served as shelter and store room during the sieges. The rooms have names that can also be found in other Romanian citadels: “school’s”, “priest’s” etc. A school was built on the hill and in 1650 was made a chapel whose walls can be seen today. Because of the numerous military invasions the citadel was “the second precinct of Rasnov”.

For those who love history the place is going to be a jewel and a bridge towards Europe’s medieval world.

Rasnov Citadel is placed in an accessible area, close to Brasov. It can be visited in a one day trip from Bucharest.

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