We work with passion & We Love Where We Work.

We are on the road for many days during the year, searching the perfect places, the best accommodation, the nicest people and the most inspiring stories. We listen, we speak, we try, we test, we choose and we build. We are looking for the most inspiring moments.

We do have an office but we don’t like life between walls. When we must spend some hours or days to do some office work, we usually go outside Bucharest to our homes and work there. Nature inspires, so we love to spend time in the nice, remote rural parts of Romania, where we can find silence and good inspiration.

Even though we have this continuous passion for living outside, you will always find someone from our team there, at the office. We never miss the opportunity to remain in contact we our customers.
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Our Location

Located In Bucharest

6 Aleea Cetatuia, District 6, Bucharest
Phone: +40744825552
Skype: pureromania
Email: inspire@pure-romania.com

Images Of Our Workplace

Pure Romania Office, we find inspiration in traditional places and between cozy walls
Pure Romania office, allways on the road
Pure Romania  office is where  lights and colors are
Inspirations comes on the road, Pure Romania Office, Green offices