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Sanziene La Corbi 2015

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Sanziene La Corbi 2015 - #SanzieneLaCorbi2015 The Organization of #SanzieneLaCorbi2015         In May we completed the concept and began the promotion. We inspired ourselves from the experience gained in September 2014 – the wedding of the Korean couple settled in New York. We have chosen the same [...]

Bike adventures in Romania – adventure trips

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Bike adventures in Romania - adventure trips I got for the first time in Piatra Craiului five years ago. This mountain fascinated me. There is something special like from fairy tales. But more than the massif itself I was impressed by what I could see from up there – [...]

Places to visit in Romania – wonders of Romania

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A little bit of inspiration . . . 7 places to visit in Romania 7 wonders of Romania The seven wonders of Romania - this is not a top, we don't believe that someone could create a top with travel places because is always a matter of [...]

Phoenix Band

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Phoenix Band - Romanian Music Also known by the name Transsylvania-Phoenix, the Romanian rock band was created in 1962 at Timisoara. It is one of the most important Romanian bands of the 20th century. Nicu Covaci, Mircea Baniciu, Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica, Nani Neumann and Josef Kappl started singing beat music, [...]

Spring – the rebirth of everything

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Spring – the rebirth of everything Spring is my little secret, that mystic power that gives me wings The sun is gathering its strength to melt down the last snow. The nature starts to come back to life. The first snowdrops take of feebly their heads from the damp ground. It [...]

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