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Romanian Music is the place where you can listen to some of the best Romanian bands and singers and read about their stories. Romanian music is a little part of what we call Pure Romania.

We were thinking few days ago about how nice will be to share with our readers some Romanian music. And here we go, this is the first article about Romanian music and we hope to be inspiring. We had this idea thinking about inspiration and feelings. We thought that besides beautiful images (for eyes), nice stories (for soul and mind) we can bring also some nice music (for the interior vibration).

We organize this section about music as an editable article, we will post here periodically about Romanian artists, tracks, concerts and nice things that could be heard.

Why Romanian music?!

Romanian music (and we speak only about the best part of it) is special, the great mix of cultural influences is also visible in music. Romanian music is about new approaches, full of passion artists and a warm public.


A  fairy tale lady

by Andreea Andrei

26th January 2015

So called the Magic Bird and the Queen of Romanian Music, Maria Tanase is a symbol of traditional Romanian music, although her music ranged from traditional Romanian music to romance, tango, chanson and operetta.

She was born in Bucharest’s outskirts on 25th September 1913. Maria Tanase made her debut at the age of 25 in Romania on 2nd of June 1937, but soon she got to represent her country at the International Exhibition in Paris and at New York World’s Fair. At Paris she meets Constantin Brancusi, the famous sculptor who was 37 years older than her and falls for him immediately. Brancusi used to tell her: “When I listen to you singing, Maria, I would be capable to carve for every song a Bird in Space”. Their romance lasted only two years, but it is said that Brancusi was her true and only love.

In the spring of 1939 she knows a brilliant success at the International Exhibition in New York where she meets Franklin Roosevelt the newly elected president of the USA.
It is said that unfortunately her early records have been destroyed by the authorities during the National Legionary State and for a period she was banned from public performance in Romania. But during World War II she makes stage tours singing in front of the injured soldiers. In December 1943 she sings for the Royal Cavalry Regiment, a concert attended by King Mihai I of Romania and other members of the government.
The Nightingale of traditional Romanian music was a true genius. Maria Tanase had such a success that all musicians from Romania were jealous on her. She was also a very beautiful woman, a true lady and a person sang from her heart. In a radio interview she said that she would be incapable to sing a song if she does not love it.
Maria Tanase was a woman who earned a lot, gave a lot, loved life and knew how to live at maximum. She is not only a symbol of Romanian music, but a fairy tale lady.

4 songs of Maria Tanase:

Maria Tanase – “Doda,doda”

Maria Tanase – La Malediction d’amour

Maria Tanase – Marioara de la Gorj

Maria Tanase – Marie si Marioara



26th April 2014

Alexandrina’s music is different, it express power, passion and color.  Alexandrina Hristov created a rich style of communicate emotions. Her songs are a mixture between music, poetry and image. You feel this when you interact with her music.


Her music is a mixture between acoustic music, jazz music, rock music and soul music with special elements in both her songs and lyrics. With this abundance of elements and with great passion Alexandrina shares in all her concerts a positive energy that lasts.


We selected three songs that express the beauty and the tenderness of Alexandrina music.

Alexandrina Hristov – La femme qui t’aime (Un, deux, trois)

Alexandrina – Flori de Spin (2013) (Thorn flowers)

Alexandrina – Fata merge pe jos (The girl walks)

Official page Alexandrina 

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15th April 2014


The band was formed in 2010. After four years of concerts, one album, three singles and many unforgettable moments, ROBIN AND THE BACKSTABBERS is now one of the most beloved bands in Bucharest (the capital city of Romania). The musical style is melodramatic pop.


We find ROBIN AND THE BACKSTABBERS music very inspirational. All the songs have a rich story behind, a complex sound, lots of passion and have the power to make you feel the sound, to make you vibrate.



Robin and the Backstabbers – Kriminal

Robin and the Backstabbers – SPNZRTR (Official Video)

Robin and the Backstabbers – Soare cu dinti (Official video)

Robin and the Backstabbers – Marele Zgomot (Official Video)


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