Reviving old traditions in Pure Romania – traditional wedding

 Traditional wedding in Corbi Village, Arges County, Romania

 At the beginning of the autumn, on 2nd of September a young couple of South Koreans, settled in New York, got married in a traditional Romanian wedding as was made hundred of years ago, in Corbi Village from Arges County. At the wedding took part the mothers of the two lovers and about 40 villagers. The atmosphere was like hundreds of years ago: all the participants at this traditional wedding, including the bride and the groom wore traditional costumes, food was cooked in a big traditional pot, someone played the nai (Romanian traditional flute used since the 17th century ), people walked, they danced Romanian traditional dances. And the forest that isolated the house where the meal was served took part at this whole story. Everything was organized with a lot of passion by a group of enthusiast people who formed a travel agency named Pure Romania

              How did everything begin?

Pure Romania’s story began this year as a project designed to help to improve the image of Romania as a country and to provide a series of experiences in Romania for the tourists from outside its borders. On Pure Romania’s site – – there was since May an article about a traditional wedding held in Bucovina.

The two young people from New York wanted a special wedding, a wedding that overcomes the cultural barriers imposed by birth place or residence. Therefore they sought the possibility of organizing a traditional wedding somewhere far away, in a more original, purer and meaningful manner. Searching the internet for solutions they arrived at Pure Romania.

             How was everything organized?

Very fast the young couple became friends with the organizers and started to plan together a traditional wedding. Initially they have analysed a number of old traditional weddings, Romanian traditional costumes from several areas of the country, possible places for hosting the event, they have discussed about traditional dishes, about traditional music and about orthodox religion and its meaning in the life of Romanian peasants.

“At Pure Romania we do everything very strict, we appreciate the German seriousness and we try to imitate it. Even though the project became personal we have planned everything down to the smallest detail. For example, we had the groom’s costume made from scratch, reproducing a costume from 70 years ago. There was a perfect timing. I like to think that God also helped us to make a beautiful story. We have changed dozens of messages, there were built and rebuilt dozens of plans, there were adjusted and readjusted a number of elements during the three months prior the event. The good planning mattered enormously to the success of the project.”  Alexandru Grigorescu – organizer.

            The event

The traditional wedding took place on 2nd of September. The grooms were accommodated in a heavenly landscape, at a guesthouse on Doamnei Valley, situated far from villages, isolated from the modern world, surrounded by a pine forest, near a lake in which the morning sun reflects gently. Since morning they went to Mother Uța’s house, one of the oldest houses from Corbi Village, nearly 150 years old, which entered into the national heritage. This was the perfect place to begin a traditional wedding day. As a cradle of a pure civilization, hidden on the valleys that flow from the Carpathians, this house had become special for the young couple trough its story and settlement next to The Stone Church from Corbi. It was like a source of meaning and blessing.

In order to make this event memorable the grooms had a photo session at Poienari Fortress (Dracula’s Fortress). The idea was a novelty, but very strong in the same time. In this way they had linked their story with the 500 years old history of the place. This was the hardest moment, they had to climb 1400 stairs.

The traditional wedding continued with the receiving of blessing at Corbii din Piatra Monastery. They went to the church in order to receive God’s blessing in His own house, without a priest, because the couple is not orthodox.

The whole procession, consisting of people from Corbi Village, dressed in Romanian traditional costumes and full of grace and joy went back to the heavenly place where the festive meal was held.

About 40 people took part in this ceremony. Traditional dishes cooked in a big traditional pot was eaten, a rustic table adorned with traditional towels and fairy-tales decorations with haystacks, chariot wheels and a number of other elements were arranged. The grooms and their families learned the traditional dance steps and danced until around midnight.

The villagers from Corbi danced masterfully and sang old outlaws songs accompanied by a flute. It was a fairy-tale atmosphere. You could see the happiness in everyone’s eyes.

              A step further

The event was extremely important for everyone involved. A number of villagers have worn the traditional costume after decades. It was an enormous joy. It was a very strong opportunity to return to secular values, to a simple way of life, but capable to bring that happiness that lasts.

Of course that everyone involved will want to take part in many events like this. Authentic Romania has a lot to gain after this event. All the people involved want to open the eyes of the Romanians and to help them to see the beauty of the values that this country can offer.

It was a total experience for the bride and the groom and for their families. They are deeply impressed by Romania, by the people from these places and hope to come back soon.  “They are very excited about our traditions, they miss the people they have met in Corbi, and not the least they miss our traditional dishes. Indeed it was an important event for them, but also for us. I like to believe that it was a unique experience for them, full of positive energy and warmth” – Alexandru Puscatu – organizer.

            What next?

The organisers hope that their activities to built a competitive image of Romania as a country to become increasingly known and to bring light in the souls of those who really believe in the values on which this country is based. In building a brand for the country the most important element is represented by its “domestic population”. If people will understand the treasure they have certainly Romania of tomorrow will be a better house for them and those to come.


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You can feel the atmosphere from the videos from below (Credits FotografulTAU).

Here at Pure Romania we truly believe that life is about moments, that kind of moments which have the power to inspire.

Nai song – played in Romania during a traditional wedding, Corbi Village



Traditional Romanian Song, Corbi Village. Arges County, Traditional wedding