About Pure Romania

Being different, working with passion, inspiring people – these are the facts that define both our work and also the brand Pure Romania. We believe that the experience of coming to Romania is unique and inspiring – “To see far is one thing, going there is another”. Constantin Brancusi.

First of all, we are a team of passionate people and second, a web platform which presents pure places from Romania. We will help you in order to have the best trip of your life, to Romania!

Our story

Passion for inspiration . . . this was the first step

Our passion for Romania’s landmarks started during childhood, when we used to travel each year, for one week, to discover beautiful places. These experiences remained alive in our minds and souls and we quickly understood the inspirational power of these trips. We do believe that what really matters is the power of the present, the moment, and if you have the right context, the right atmosphere, it could become memorable.

We wanted to share moments as a source of inspiration  . . . second step

A few years ago, when we were studying Tourism at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, we thought that we can reimagine the idea of tourism: “tourism is not about discovering places; it’s about enjoying the moment and become inspired”. That was the moment when we began to imagine what kind of experience can be inspiring in Romania and why, here started to take shape the tourism passion.

What followed was just natural . . . and pure.

We find Romania to be a very interesting and complex country, and we are sure that a well planned trip here will bring you plenty of new and wonderful experiences, and also lots of knowledge and inspiration. We will pick some of the most relevant, beautiful and interesting sites in Romania and mix them in the proposed tours. We believe that an experience lasting 8 or 9 days in Romania must not only be pleasant, but also memorable, and should represent the beginning of a long set of visits. We also offer custom made services, since we analyze your passions, the things that you generally like, and we build something special for you (please read about this in the booking session).

Our motto is – “you’ll need to come back”

The web platform

Pure Romania is a platform for tourist who plan to visit Romania.

We have carefully chosen the most relevant sites in order to bring you the most powerful inspiration. We are responsible for providing you valuable information regarding accommodation, transportation, guiding, meals, tours and flights.

We are building a powerful worldwide network in order to be closer to you, to be able to explain what you can feel and explore here, and to be able to propose the perfect experience for you.

Who Is Pure Romania

Our mission is to share moments as a source of inspiration. Great experiences enrich our lives and can give us the power to leap ahead. By creating these tours and by presenting these stories about Romania we want to make people live memorable moments that are able to inspire.
Life is about discovering new things, and this means feeling and empathizing. Tourism is the best way to accelerate this process. We truly believe that by offering new experiences by visiting places with a rich culture and amazing landscapes, we help tourism to become an element of our lives that has the power to produce good changes.
Passion – we are dedicated, we love our work, we smile every day and we share our joy with you.

Inspiring – life is about everyday learning and great emotions – by doing what we do we try to reach the perfect mix between these aspects – we call this the perfect match between them; inspiration is that special  thing that we want to share with you.

Different – where someone sees a place to discover we see an opportunity to create an inspiring and memorable moment to live – this makes us different from other travel agencies.

Freedom – we are living our dream, following our own example and being ourselves every day.

“you will come back”
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