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What is www.pure-romania.com?

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  www.pure-romania.com is a tourism platform which is prmoting Romania as a tourism destination. You can find more details about this platform by visiting the contact section - https://pure-romania.com/contact-pure-romania/ .

Where is Pure Romania located?

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Pure Romania has a local office in Bucharest, Romania, but we also have many partners worldwide; please contact us in order to check if we have a partner travel agency in your country. Bucharest Office Address 6 Aleea Cetatuia, District 6, BucharestPhone: +4 074 4825 552Skype: pureromaniaEmail: inspire@pure-romania.com

How can I contact Pure Romania?

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You have several methods to get in touch with us. You can call us at one of the mobile numbers: +4 0744 825 552/ +4 0740 490 592 You can write us at: inspire@pure-romania.com . We will answer any enquiry within 24 hours. You can find us on skype at: [...]

Who is managing www.pure-romania.com web site?

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All the items that you see on this site are managed by Pure Romania team. The packages that we are offering are created and managed by us. All the accommodation sites and the places where meals are served are selected with a high degree of attention, and have a contract [...]

How does the booking process work?

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At the moment we are offering 3 standard packages; for each of them we also have a VIP version that will offer even more experiences and will even more fit the tourist’s personality, needs and passions. Please check the starting date for each tour and book the one that suits [...]

How far in advance should I book?

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We suggest booking with 1-2 months in advance. This will assure a fair price for the plane tickets. If you already have the plane tickets, you can book 1 week prior to the departure date. Please read also the Terms and Conditions information.

How can I pay for booking?

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For payment you will use the PayPal system. If you are not familiar with it please write us and a consultant form Pure Romania will contact you in order to find the best solution. Please read also the Terms and Conditions information.

What happens if I need to change or cancel my tour?

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First and foremost, please inform us as soon as possible. Although we are not able to refund for the cancellation, we do offer the possibility to reschedule your tour. You can pick another date within the next 6 months when you can enjoy your trip. If you bought plane tickets [...]

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