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Arges valley is a piece of heaven

Arges Valley is situated between Curtea de Arges and Capataneni village, the place where Arges strait begins, is a fairy tale place. Situated in the Ghetic Subcarpathians, this valley is the place where has developed a number of villages where life has a distinct charm. There are still people who live from animals breeding and cultivation of land. Transhumance is still practiced. Life in communion with the nature still exists. People start cultivating the land by nature marks and project their lives by the seasons’ cyclicality. In this area it prevail beech and chestnut oak forests which change their clothes once with the seasons.

The villages are put in a row along small valleys that cross the high enough hills flowing into Arges River. The traditions are preserved in many villages. Some of them have been forgotten leaving room for the new world and its values. In these places nature is fascinating, full of color, gentle, lively. It lives near the peasant who lives far from time. Here is also special the spring water. It has a rich and clean taste. It gathers a lot of minerals in its way from the mountains and it is enough to drink once and to never forget its taste. The tall Carpathians protect from the north this hidden place. When you step into the villages that hide behind the hills, away from the national road Transfagarasan you can feel the charm of living in communion with the nature, you can feel the sense of life and the nature’s caressing.

It is not difficult to get here. You can drive from Bucharest for two hours. There are about 150 km (from which three quarters of highway). You can also get there by train or bus with Curtea de Arges as destination.


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