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Freeride in Romania – “Pure freedom”

Freeride skiing holidays in Romania

Freeride enthusiasts, consider Romania for your next adventure! At Pure Romania, our team loves skiing, especially freeriding.

We recommend some great places in Romania where you can freeride and beyond the thrill of skiing, immerse yourself in a journey filled with good vibes, tasty organic cuisine, traditional drinks, and encounters with the warm people of Romania.

Freeride Romania

Balea Lac, National Freeride Championship

Freeride at Balea Lake – Freeride in Romania – “Pure freedom”

It is the best spot for freeriding. You will use a cable car and also walk up. This is where they hold the national freeride championship, earning important points for those aiming at the Freeride World Tour. The place is impressive and will leave a mark on you, just like it did for riders worldwide who’ve come here for points. To reach 2400 meters, you need to hike since the cable car stops at 2000 meters. The mix of walking, the beautiful landscape, rocky areas, and a glacial circular valley makes this place quite unique in Europe. There are also narrow (2 meters) and long (over 200 meters) valleys for skiing down. The video below shows this well.

Video – Romanian Freeride National Championship 

*** Access to the location is available depending on the weather conditions and the avalanche risk as communicated by the mountain rescuers.

Freeride in Sinaia – Freeride in Romania – “Pure freedom”

Sinaia is the most accessible place. Here you have a lot of options for freeriding. The only problem is that there are a lot of skiers too. The powder days are hunted down by everyone, so if you are not in the ski resort very early, all you can get is chopped powder. We like it here a lot because we can do everything, it is very close to Bucharest and the risk of avalanche is considerably reduced than in other places.

Spring rides on valleys Freeride in Romania – “Pure freedom”

Starting in March, you can go out on valleys, mainly in Bucegi Mountains. You climb to 2500 meters and descend to 1500 meters. Then, you walk through the already green forests. These are some of the most beautiful rides because you can enjoy the snow, soak up the sun, traverse green forests, and enjoy the warmth of spring. It feels like you are living through four seasons in a single day. In some areas, you have the option to descend using a rope or freely maneuver among the rocks. Skiing in the valleys from Bucegi is possible until early June, depending on the amount of snowfall during the winter.

Video – Skiing Romania with Brody Leven & Kt Miller

Pure Romania, Bucegi Mountains Spring, ski, snowboarding, travel, trips, adventure tours, freedom

Pure Romania, Bucegi Mountains Spring, ski, snowboarding, travel, trips, adventure tours, freedom

RED BULL OSLEA HIRIDE – Freeride in Romania – “Pure freedom”

This event has been happening for a few years in Romania, providing another opportunity for mountain and freeride enthusiasts to come together. The atmosphere is incredibly pleasant, bringing together nearly the entire community of passionate people. Typically scheduled for the end of February, it offers the chance to ski from a height of 2000 meters on areas with pristine, untouched snow. The Retezat Mountains, where the event usually takes place, showcase incredibly beautiful and captivating areas. You can find more details on the page specially dedicated to this event.

Poto – Pure Romania Instagram  Romania ski photos (Sinaia, Bucegi, Fagaras, Balea Lake)