Project Description

Hai-Hui Pure Romania

Traditional life, 2 days trip

Highlights: Dracula Fortress/ Town of Curtea de Arges/ Vidraru Dam/ Curtea de Arges Monastery/ The Legend of Craftsman Manole/ The Myth of Creation/ Royal Church/ Traditional Village of Corbi/ Corbii de Piatra Monastery/ Traditional village life, food/ Hiking in one of the most beautiful valleys – Valea lui Stan/

You have probably seen many things in your life, but during this trip you will see something different.

Begin your Romanian adventure with a visit to Curtea de Arges, the first capital city of Wallachia. Immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this historic town. Spend a night in the heart of a traditional village, Corbii de Piatra, where ancient legends come to life, and time-honored traditions are carefully preserved. Indulge in authentic Romanian cuisine, explore the legendary Dracula’s Fortress (Poienari Fortress), and take a stroll through the enchanting Stan’s Valley. Brace yourself for a memorable journey, as belief in the magic of this experience is our only certainty.

We recommend spending the evening in Corbii de Piatra village, a haven of ancient traditions, less touched by the modern world. Explore the stoned church, carved into rock, and find out legends of ancient Dacians and giants. Visit local households, witness the raising of cows, chickens, and pigs, and engage with the cheerful villagers to unravel the secrets of their happiness. Cap off the day with a hearty dinner featuring traditional delights.

On the second day, we challenge you to go on an adventure to Dracula’s Fortress (Poienari Fortress), conquering around 1500 steps and discovering the chilling legends of this fearless ruler. Follow this with a four-hour hike through the enchanting Stan’s Valley, one of the most stunning narrow passes in the Carpathians. The lively and charming landscape will captivate you. If you still have stamina, the journey can continue to Vidraru Dam, Romania’s second-largest, offering a special panoramic view of the towering peaks (Negoiu, Lespezi, Caltun). Although this means returning to Bucharest late, the magic of these places will stay with you.