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Project Description

Hai-Hui Pure Romania

Traditional life, 2 days trip

Highlights: Dracula Fortress/ Town of Curtea de Arges/ Vidraru Dam/ Curtea de Arges Monastery/ The Legend of Craftsman Manole/ The Myth of Creation/ Royal Church/ Traditional Village of Corbi/ Corbii de Piatra Monastery/ Traditional village life, food/ Hiking in the one of the most beautiful valleys – Valea lui Stan/

You have probably seen many things in your life, but during this tour you will see something different.

            First of all you will go to Curtea de Arges, the first capital city of Wallachia. It will be a journey full of beauty and novelty. You will see the town of Curtea de Arges (first capital city of Wallachia), you will spend a night in the middle of a traditional village – Corbii de Piatra and you will learn about thousand years old legends and will discover well preserved traditions, you will eat traditional food, you will go to Dracula’s Fortress (Poienari Fortress) and you will take a walk on one of the most beautiful valleys from Romania, Stan’s Valley. It will be memorable – this is the only thing in which we strongly believe.


In the first day will get to the town of Curtea de Arges, the first capital city of Wallachia. Here you will visit the Municipal Museum which presents the history and the importance of this place, the Royal Court, the ruins of the royal palace and the Royal Church. Then you will go to the famous monastery from Curtea de Arges. It is one of the greatest monastery from all the orthodox churches that exist or have ever existed, is the burial place of Romania’s royal family and the place where one of the national myths was born – the myth of creation. You will find out at the site more about it and the legend of Manole’s wife, Ana who is said to have been built alive in one of the cathedral’s walls by her husband.


You will spend the evening in Corbii de Piatra village, one of the villages that preserves old traditions and which was less aligned with the modern world. Here you will visit the stoned church (a church made in a rock), you will learn about the legends about the Dacians who lived there thousand of years ago and about the giants who have also lived in this place. The accommodation will be in a modern bed and breakfast, in the middle of the village. Here you will visit households, you will see how cows, chickens and pigs are raised and we will talk with people who live in this village to learn more about the secret of their happiness. The dinner will be rich; it will consist of traditional food.


In the second day you will visit Dracula’s Fortress (Poienari Fortress) where you will climb the about 1500 steps and you will learn about terrible legends about the fearless ruler. Then you will go in a hiking of about four hours on one of the most beautiful narrow passes from the Carpathians – Stan’s Valley. Here as spectacular is the landscape as lively and full of charm is the valley. The road will take you to Vidraru Dam, the second largest in Romania. Here the view is also special. At the horizon rises the highest mountains in Romania (Negoiu, Lespezi, Caltun). We will arrive late in Bucharest, but charged with the magic given by these places.




Hai-Hui Pure Romania

Book here. This is an economy, one day tour organized by Pure Romania Travel Agency.

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