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Prince Charles speaks about Romania-Why Pure?

Pure Romania – because if you travel to Romania you find a 4000 years old history, ancient fortress cities, very well preserved old villages, beautiful people who are practicing ancient traditions, wild nature, contrasts and equilibrium. Being here is like travelling to a place where time has patience, the nature is kind, the sky is a little bit closer and people who are living far away from the hectic cities are always smiling.


Interview with Charles, Prince of Wales by BBC (Wild Carpathia)

Prince Charles speaks about Romania

Charlie Ottley BBC: So what do you love most about Romania?

Prince Charles: It’s the timelessness of it which is so remarkable, almost out of some of those stories one used to read as a child. It’s quite remarkable. People are yearning for that sense of belonging and identity and meaning!

And we have to find, we have to rediscover some of these aspects of the way we produce food and live and maintain and give back to nature, if we are going to make sure this whole system continues; and that’s why human cultural systems matter because they are intimately linked to that aspect of nature. It’s in us, but we’ve somehow denied it and thrown it away and said it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t exist, it’s irrelevant. It isn’t irrelevant!

Charlie Ottley BBC: It nourishes the soul and the heart.

Prince Charles:  That’s what Romania does for you!


Wild Carpathia – a Travel Channel documentary about Romania and its pureness

HRH The Prince of Wales reveals his passion for Romania in Wild Carpathia a documentary on the extraordinary natural beauty and cultural richness of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania.

Photographs Copyright: Adrian PetrisorClaudiu Guraliuc