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Rucar Bran Passage

We call this place heaven, a place where time has patience, nature is gorgeous, mountains are guarding and life is peaceful and pure . . . if you think is too much just see the Rucar Bran pictures from below.

Rucar Bran Passage

Since the oldest times Rucar Bran Passage connects Transylvania to Wallachia making way through the Carpathians. Rucar Bran Passage is a special place, is a piece of heaven. You can realise this at the first sight of these places. You are impressed since the beginning by the nature.

Rucar Bran Passage is situated between Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains. This is the reason why it is protected by sharp high peaks at the sunset and the guardian massif (Bucegi Mountains) at the sunrise. The road that goes from Mateias (above the town of Campulung) crosses lofty round hills, deep and narrow valleys and secular forests. The road passes through Dragoslavele, Rucar, Podul Dambovitei and Fundata villages in order to get to Bran. The landscapes are so beautiful that you will be sorry that you did not get here early. The people are gentle. Maybe the winters rich in snow made them like that. Their colorful houses, the animal shelters built on steep hills, the cheese in fir basket with strong flavor, the fluffy kind and big dogs (Romanian Shepherd dog), their life kept clean, these entire impress you.

The wonder is even bigger if you dare to leave the national road and go to Dambovicioara Village (maybe you will stop here and visit the cave) and continue the way until Pestera Village. You will see the less known part of Rucar Bran Passage, you will get to isolated and well preserved villages, you will be even closer to Piatra Craiului Mountains, and you will enjoy a brave road that crosses slopes. You will get to Ciocanu, Sirnea, Pestera and Magura villages. It is a fairytale world. It is something that you seldom see. If you get there I ask you tourist to respect the place and to pray for it to stay pure and untouched by time itself and the new times.

How do you get there?

From Bucharest you go on A1 highway to Pitesti, then you have to take the way to Campulung and from here you go to the Mausoleum from Mateias, the milestone that opens the way towards the wonderful world of Rucar Bran Passage.

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