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I got for the first time in Piatra Craiului five years ago. This mountain fascinated me. There is something special like from fairy tales. But more than the massif itself I was impressed by what I could see from up there – Rucar Bran area. It is different when you look at it from above – an infinity of hills and hillocks cram under your sight covered with meadows, forest and from place to place with a village. To me it seemed the most fairy tale place ever and since then I’ve wanted to walk through this large garden (Rucar-Bran) by bike. Yes, bike adventures in Rucar Bran passage. This must be quite an adventure.

Bike adventures in Rucar Bran area

We started early at the beginning of June in a Saturday morning from Bucharest. We got in Magura village after more than 3 hours. It is a village bravely settled on the hillocks of Bran. It is a fairytale place bordered on two sides by two big groups of mountains: Bucegi and Piatra Craiului. It is a perfect place for bike adventures due to its specific relief and majestic landscape.

We started quickly. The eagerness to start our bike adventures was big. We descended from Magura to Zarnesti Steeps. The road is very beautiful. A wide path goes through people’s households. The place is of an authentic picturesque. The descending is quite long and has technical portions. The road ends with a steep descend through the forest. It was a brave debut in our bike adventure.

Then we climbed for about two hours to Curmatura chalet. Although very beautiful the road was difficult. We saw Zarnesti Steeps, a number of other rock formations, the thick forest which surrounds Piatra Craiului foothills and climbed some very steep slopes. It was worth the effort. At Curmatura chalet we met beautiful people, we saw a landscape like those you believe you can see only in the Alps and more than that we ate again the best pie in the world. Yes, in Romania, at Curmatura chalet you can eat urda (soft cow or sheep cheese) pie and yes is the best pie in the world.

We continued our bike adventure to the place named “La Table”. We cycled about an hour on a forestry road and then we entered on a very technical steep route with boulders and with paths which descended bravely through thick coniferous woods. There we were in the closest point to the steep ridges of Piatra Craiului Mountains. From the place named “La Table” we descended again on the forestry road to Dambovicioara Cave. We descended a lot. Like about 40 minutes.

The road took our bike adventure to Sirnea village on a steep climb. We got again into the area full of hillocks from where we could see both mountain groups – Piatra Craiului and Bucegi. We met in our bike adventure old and well preserved houses, simple people but full of mystery and happy in their souls and a clean and energy-giving nature.

Our bike adventure took us through Sirnea, Pestera and back to Magura villages. We cycled more than 8 hours and the whole trip took us more than 10 hours. We enjoyed every corner of the nature and the authentic.

The film made on this occasion is the most eloquent about the joy we have experienced. We prepare other escapes as daring!

Pure Romania – a fairytale realm and a place where you find your inner peace.

 Bike adventures in Romania – adventure trips

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