A different wedding in today’s Romania

In order to get far you must have the courage to begin the journey and the courage to keep going no matter what. I think that it goes the same way with happiness, the long lasting happiness. In order to get to it you must have the courage to start looking for it and really want to find it.

We, Pure Romania team and they, two young people from New York, both born in South Korea, have met with this thought about the happiness that lasts. They wanted a different wedding, a wedding organized in a special place, a wedding that could give them the chance to show their status of global citizens. In their opinion globalization should cancel the borders amplifying the cultural identity, the local atmosphere and the authentic magic of places. We wanted to relive authentic Romanian stories and succeed to bring through them inspiration. Actually, we all wanted a story. This is the reason why we have met – the desire of living an authentic story. And the desire was so great that helped us to find each other even though there were a few thousand kilometers between us.

In May 2014 we started to discuss about the possibility of organizing a traditional authentic wedding as was made long time ago in Romania. We chose a traditional village with beautiful people and a lot of stories. Furthermore this village from Arges named Corbi has a wonder – a church carved in a rock, old since Dacian times, Corbii de Piatra Church. We chose the costumes, we thought about the space design, we set the dishes that were to be served, we chose the music and we tried not to miss any detail.

On 2nd of September we organized the wedding. It was an exciting event for all those involved. Traditions old for hundreds of years were brought back to life in Corbi village. The villagers wore traditional costumes after more than 20 years, old songs resounded again, folk dances of the place were brought back to life and a suite of beautiful people dressed in traditional clothes climbed the path to Corbii din Piatra Church. We all lived a story, one that brought us closer to the essence of the Romanian people, actually closer to the essence of human nature, closer to the authentic things and their purpose in our life.

You can see the whole story and a series of videos here: https://www.pure-romania.com/south-korean-couple-living-new-york-traditional-wedding-romania/

When you believe in stories you get to live them and it is wonderful. You smile, you vibrate strongly, understand the things around you, all becomes mysterious, authentic, time stops and social values change.

We, Pure Romania team had the chance to organize a traditional wedding in order to realize who we are, which is the legacy that we, Romanians have from the people who gathered it on these blessed places (I cannot stop thinking that these places are often called “The Gardens of Virgin Mary”) and how big is the peace when you anchor yourself in the authentic.

There is also a sad part about the stories. They are quickly forgotten and the return to the daily noise is too sudden. We try to keep building stories. We want so much to keep alive the emotion in order to pass it on.

In the end I would like to highlight the idea that in this world each one of us has the duty to give and that the long lasting happiness exists when we get to give to others, when we are not alone. The traditional wedding from Corbi showed us clearly this aspect. All those involved, the villagers, the grooms and their families, the organizers were totally present and gave from their hearts creating an authentic story.

Put heart and soul into everything you do and that will take you further and above!

Article by  Alexandru Grigorescu

Photographer: fotografultau.ro

Organizer: Pure Romania