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Phoenix Band

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Phoenix Band - Romanian Music Also known by the name Transsylvania-Phoenix, the Romanian rock band was created in 1962 at Timisoara. It is one of the most important Romanian bands of the 20th century. Nicu Covaci, Mircea Baniciu, Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica, Nani Neumann and Josef Kappl started singing beat music, [...]

Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday         Palm Sunday is the Christian celebration which precedes the Easter. This is the day when Christ entered Jerusalem. It is also called Flowers Sunday and is the beginning Easter Holidays. For the Romanians this day is as holy as Easter itself. So the people respect it and [...]

Spring sun

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Spring sun I do not know how other feel but I am very happy when I see that the sun, the spring sun, smiles to me. March is special because it brings the spring and makes the sun smile. This is the moment when the nature harmonizes its contrasts and [...]

Where can I watch FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest

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Where can I watch FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest? FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest – football at its peak in a Latin capital.             FIFA World Cup has begun! Live it up at maximum in town with people with Latin blood, full of life and enthusiasm. In [...]

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