Where can I watch FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest?

FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest – football at its peak in a Latin capital.

            FIFA World Cup has begun! Live it up at maximum in town with people with Latin blood, full of life and enthusiasm. In Romania everybody breathes football, during the matches the city is humming.

            The best place in Bucharest where you can see FIFA World Cup football matches is Old Town, Lipscani with its adjacent streets. There you can find some pubs with football theme. You can find a lot of pubs which beyond the specific theme will display the matches on screen. The most beautiful atmosphere is at the terraces where the matches are projected on big screens. It is nicer to stay outside with dozens of people     and watch a football game on a big screen.


Old Town is full of people. If you want to go with a bigger group it is better to do a reservation in advance. If you want to go with a small group (2-4 persons) do not complicate by making reservation. If you go around the pubs you will definitely find something to like. I recommend Google Maps to identify a pub where you can book some sits. Keep it simple, there are many places where you can go, you can easily change place even if you already got there. There are some places where you can not watch football matches, but just ask when you reserve or when you enter the pub.


Old Town is suitable because there you can continue to have fun after FIFA World Cup football matches. A lot of pubs and clubs are open until dawn.

The prices for drinks and food are similar in the pubs from Old Town. You rather choose the place by ambience and by the atmosphere created by other people with whom you will share it.

A secondary solution is Romana area. There you can also find pubs with football theme, but also pubs that will project FIFA World Cup football matches. This area is less crowded.

Wherever you get when your favorite team plays you will notice the Latin spirit of people that will be there. You will love it! Surely you will live the match at high levels with them.


Bucharest – football at its peak in a Latin capital.