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Places to visit in Romania – wonders of Romania

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A little bit of inspiration . . . 7 places to visit in Romania 7 wonders of Romania The seven wonders of Romania - this is not a top, we don't believe that someone could create a top with travel places because is always a matter of [...]

No more Valentine’s Day, just Dragobete

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No more Valentine's Day, just Dragobete Dragobete – How to celebrate love in Romanian style Dragobete is the Romanian counterpart of St. Valentine. On 24th of February in Romania love and the beginning of spring are celebrated. Dragobete is a Dacian celebration with pagan roots. Dragobete is a mythological deity [...]

Interview with the South Korean Family that had a traditional wedding in Romania

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Pure Romania organized a traditional wedding for a very beautiful couple from South Koreea (living in New York) in September. It was one of the best experiences of the Pure Romania team. The event took place in Corbi Village, Arges County. We brought to life some very old Romanian traditions [...]

A South Korean couple living in New York had a traditional wedding in Romania

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Reviving old traditions in Pure Romania – traditional wedding  Traditional wedding in Corbi Village, Arges County, Romania  At the beginning of the autumn, on 2nd of September a young couple of South Koreans, settled in New York, got married in a traditional Romanian wedding as was made hundred of years [...]

Authentic Romania

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Authentic Romania – 4000 years of history "It’s the timelessness of it which is so remarkable, almost out of some of those stories one used to read as a child.",  Charles, Prince of Wales. This is Authentic Romania. Ask a Romanian which knows the Romanian history and has travelled a bit around the country about [...]

George Enescu Festival 2013 – The 21st Edition

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George Enescu Festival 2013 - The 21st Edition 1958 - 1961 - 1964 - 1967 - 1970 - 1973 - 1976 - 1979 - 1981 - 1985 - 1988 - 1991 - 1995 - 1998 - 2001 - 2003 - 2005 - 2007 - 2009 - 2011 - 2013 George Enescu [...]