Pure Romania organized a traditional wedding for a very beautiful couple from South Koreea (living in New York) in September. It was one of the best experiences of the Pure Romania team. The event took place in Corbi Village, Arges County. We brought to life some very old Romanian traditions and we enjoyed a very pure happiness. After almost 2 months we had an interview with the happy family.


P: How did you get the idea of having a wedding far from your residence country?

G: My father and I have always talked about having a wedding somewhere unique that we’ve never been to. He thought in the world of globalization, we should think of ourselves as global citizens; not Korean or American.


P: How did you choose Romania? Why Romania and not any other country as Poland or Bulgaria? What elements made the difference?

G: We don’t have a specific reason but my husband always thought Romania was mysterious and fairytale-like. So he was searching online for “traditional wedding in Romania” and then he found some blog post of Pure Romania where they featured a beautiful story of a couple. When I saw those pictures, I fell in love with everything about it– the setting, costume, mood, etc.


P: What was the first feeling when you arrived in Romania?

G: Clean and pleasant.


P: Was there a discrepancy between how you have imagined Romania and what you found here?

G: No.


P: Is there a moment that remained stronger in your memory, an inspiration moment?

G: People with horse. Happy horse. Organic food. Hand-made everything.


P: Now, after more than a month since your wedding, what moments stayed alive in your memory about your wedding? Give details in a few sentences.

G: It’s mostly about interactions between people. How they greeted us in such a warm way as if we’re family and how they endlessly danced all night. We really appreciate everyone who attended our party and blessed us from deep of their heart.


P: How have you felt the Romanian traditional costume? How comfortable are the opinci (traditional sandals made out of leather)?

G: The costume was adorable and easy to wear. The opinci has a unique design to it but I wish it had some cushion for the back heel. It wasn’t the best for hiking or long walk especially for people with weak knees.


P: We know that you climbed to Poienari Fortress (Dracula’s Fortress) in your wedding day, how was it, what did you feel?

G: It was a memorable experience because of the climbing itself but not necessarily for the fortress. I thought it would be more magnificent. But the view from the top was nice. I wish we went there on some other day and not on the wedding day. We all got too tired after climbing up and down the mountain and couldn’t enjoy the party as much.


P: Which was the most exciting moment on your wedding day?

G: The most exciting moment on my wedding day was when we greeted the people from village at the beginning of party. I love the meaning behind the phrase “casa de piatra”


P: Will you come back in Romania?

G: Yes, def. We all want to visit Romania with the rest of our family members.


P:Would you live in Romania?

G: We talked about it. Ideally, yes, maybe. Realistically, no. Haha


P:How do you see Romania’s future?

G: We know that Romania has plenty of resources and potential in people. It’s going to be bright!


P: How do you think Romania will be when you children will marry?

G: I hope the country develops in a way that’s positive and sustainable.


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