Traditional wedding in Bucovina (Northern Romania)

Life is about moments!

When you look back on your life you will see moments linked together in beautiful stories. The sad thing about them is that they are time limited, usually very short, and so is the happiness that they offer you. Even the most important ones, such as weddings, are in the same situation, being shortened and devalued with the lapse of time.

Life is about moments Traditional Romanian wedding in Bucovina (Northern Romania), photo copyright Ovidiu Lesan


But, is it possible to enjoy the timelessness of these moments, to empower them in order to exceed the barrier of time? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? We heard about a beautiful scenario where all this becomes possible. Two young people getting married managed to make their special day a timeless moment by transforming it into a traditional Romanian wedding.

Life is about wonderful moments Traditional Romanian wedding in Bucovina (Northern Romania), photo copyright Ovidiu Lesan

They chose an ancient place, full of traditions, where time has patience and moments have the power to last. They wore traditional clothes, just like their grandfathers and ancestors did. They built everything as if they were in a timeless place.

This traditional Romanian wedding was almost identical to the ones organized 500 years ago. The rituals, the places (the church, the old village), the gentle nature and the purity of their souls, all contributed to this. A nice touch was the fact that even some guests of this traditional Romanian wedding chose to wear traditional clothes. We are impressed by this little child that wears a traditional costume as if he comes from ancient times.

Romania wedding, flowers, emotions, little girl, pureness, Pure Romania, wedding, Traditions, Photo copyright Ovidiu Lesan

Even if almost 50% of the Romanian population lives in rural areas, these kind of traditional Romanian weddings are not often seen anymore. Because of their rarity, and also because they have the power to inspire and to make the moments timeless, everyone enjoys these traditions.

Photography Copyright:

The photographs are taken by Ovidiu Lesan. You can see the entire photo shooting of this traditional Romanian wedding on his photography site.

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