Adventure tour Romania

Spring skiing

Location – Romania, Bucegi Mountains, Pripon Valley
Date – 29th March 2014
Group – 4 passionate skiers + 1 snowboarder
This was a one day adventure tour with starting point in Bucharest.

The adventure tour has begun in Bucharest in the morning. We loaded the equipment in 2 cars and pick the road to Busteni, Romania. After a trip of less than 2 hours we arrived in this town. Busteni is the place where our adventure tour come to life. In a big hurry we took the equipment and caught the first cable car of the day.

Pure Romania Adventure Tour Bucegi Mountains, Spring


The wind was strong, but we had good luck and the cable car took us up at 2000 meters, near the Babele Cottage in the Bucegi Mountains. There, some of us prepared the touring skis, other fixed the skis and the snowboard on the backpacks and adjust their boots. We walk about 30 minutes to Radio Relay Costila in order to reach the place where we started our descent.

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An adventure tour is full of charm because you meet wonderful, passionate people, you can change ideas about your passions and you can learn new things. Many times these adventure tours create some powerful links between people. Often they continue to organize tours together.

There are many nice valleys in the Bucegi Mountains that could be perfect places for skiing in safe and good conditions in spring. On the edge, near the Costila Relay we start our descent on the Pripon Valley. We know well this valley, we were there many times before. Because of the low temperature the snow was rough and icy. The conditions were quite difficult on the first 500 meters but we went down in good conditions. We pay great attention to security and to the guiding services.

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We chase moments, but in full security. An adventure tour is first of all about safety and second about moments, feelings and beautiful landscape.

Our adventure tour became even more beautiful. At lower altitude the snow became softer and we ski even easier. The landscape was great. We had the feeling of being in Alps but the warmth and the positive energy of the place remind us that we are in the Bucegi Mountains, in Romania. After half an hour of skiing we reached the forest zone. There we put our skis on the backpacks and continued our journey through the woods in order to reach again Busteni town.


We made a lot of breaks, we laugh, we took pictures, we analyze the snow, the rocks and the vegetation. We even had enough good luck to see on the valley chamois and a capercaille.

We finished our adventure tour in Sinaia in a traditional restaurant with traditional tasty food and a good wine. We arrived in Bucharest in the evening.

An adventure tour has the power to nurture your soul because it places you in the middle of nowhere, gives you beautiful moments, the freedom to practice your favorite sports, shows you wonderful places and offers the good mixes in order to make you feel the inspiration.

Life is about moments, this is what everyone conclude after an adventure tour.

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