Rucar-Bran Passage – a fairytale place – traditional Romania

Traditional Romania is a wonder, something that have the power to inspire

Exactly in the last day of the year we decided to go on a trip to Rucar-Bran passage. Something inside us was yearning for traditional Romania. It was yearning for those authentic places where time does not exist any more. Neither evil nor the new world got to touch the beauty of these places. So that the spiritual fulfilment to be at its maximum we chose a place where nature is beautiful and full of mystery.

After we passed over the Mausoleum from Mateias the wonderful view of Rucar-Bran passage could be seen. Since the beginning of the passage you can see from the high hills at hundred meters below villages well hidden between the mountains and scattered on the narrow valleys. The road goes down rapidly towards these valleys which dug in the mountains in order to get to Dragoslavele village. This village situated on the bank of Dambovita River is the first one in a row of mountain old villages located in this passage.

Our road continued to Dambovicioara, a authentic place when it comes about traditional Romania. In Podul Dambovitei village we left Rucar-Bran passage to go to a more beautiful, cleaner and better preserved area, an area where traditional Romania is authentic. We met traditional Romania in Dambovicioara, a village well hidden among the mountains, far, far away from the civilization rush. Here first you take contact with the strong, clean air and the murmur of Dambovita River which hurries up to leave the mountains. Then you are impressed by the houses. They are clean, simple and in harmony with the local scenery. The relief and the nature blend giving birth to a piece of heaven. Round hills and large valleys can be seen everywhere. All of them are marked with a simple building, a cowshed or a tool shed built in the middle of the pastures. People are smiley, are happy and fulfilled. They do not hurry and always salute you from their heart. During the winter you can see them bringing hay from the shelters or haystacks for their animals. There is plenty of snow in the winter. It changes completely the appearance of these places.

We continued our trip on a narrow road that climbs on a steep slope to a high ridge from where you can see Piatra Craiului Mountains towards sunset and Bucegi Mountains towards sunrise. It was amazing. It was like we were in a world guarded by two huge soldier troops represented by the two mountains. Only the sun pervades this secure space. The view was amazing. I do not know if there is a greater richness than to wake up every morning in a place like that. Here are Ciocanu and Sirnea villages. You can say that here is heaven on earth. Yet the life is harsh. The snow is deep. The cold is bitter. There is a lot of work to be done and for that is needed a lot of spiritual strength and dedication. But for what I call authentic traditional Romania I should say that all these worth the effort.

The sunset caught us here and we saw how it transformed the place in a different world somehow blessed by the light of the sun at sunset.

Life is about moments, those moments that have the power to inspire, to create strong emotions. This trip made me reinforce my beliefs about this fact. The photos show best this belief and how pure is traditional Romania.  

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