Spring sun

I do not know how other feel but I am very happy when I see that the sun, the spring sun, smiles to me.

March is special because it brings the spring and makes the sun smile. This is the moment when the nature harmonizes its contrasts and gives them to the travelers who are ready to discover its depths.


The key is in the courage to begin the trip, to make way to the magic of the nature. This trip is made under the sign of the spring sun.
In the spring weekend 7th-8th of March we made a trip in the traditional area Sirnea-Pestera-Magura in order to discover spring’s contrasts and the beautiful villages of the Rucar-Bran depression where traditional life still exist and where people live differently. We got to Sirnea village by car. The practicable road stopped suddenly and a pure, untouched world away from civilization was lying in front of us. The high snow and the road twist made those lands to be reachable on foot. It was a beautiful morning. The sky of a gentle blue was cloudless. A smiling spring sun was watching us from far away. The coniferous forests were green and the villages were smoking on their chimneys although the winter was almost gone. With a lot of courage we walked through the high snow. The wind snows up in many areas and the leg sinks till knee. After 30 minutes of walking we got again on a clean road. There the snow was less deep and the walk was easier.

We were like children who wandered through a town full of wonders. From Piatra Craiului massif was flowing feebly a creek that crossed a cluster of pine trees. In its bed has formed a swamp, now frozen. You could see everywhere animal footsteps, but mostly around the creek. That place was magical like a fairy tale realm. An overwhelming feeling of inner peace filled your heart when you were looking around. All things were gentle and all of them wanted the best for you. It was like the nature was calling you to be part of the happiness that the spring brings.


We continued our way on top of the hills where the houses were more. The houses in those areas are covered with shingle generously colored in vivid colors of red, green and yellow. They have big glass windows and look like colored mushrooms in the greatness of white. From here, from the top of the hills Bucegi Massif could be seen full of snow as it had been the whole year. The broken lines of the glacial cirques or of the steep slopes were gentler now because a lot of snow has settled in curved forms. It was fascinating. Those places seemed to be protected from both sides by the high mountains.

It is very hard now to recover the feelings that I have experienced then because a too big accumulation of factors took us on the happiness way and because the spring sun created the strong the sensation that it had appeared on those lands for us. It was a different world, a fairy tale world, an archaic world where everything was still pure, where nature was untouched and where people could get lost in the happiness that lasts forever.

I do not know if we are capable to fully thank the spring for what it brings ceaseless into our lives every year…