Spring – the rebirth of everything

Spring is my little secret, that mystic power that gives me wings

The sun is gathering its strength to melt down the last snow. The nature starts to come back to life. The first snowdrops take of feebly their heads from the damp ground. It smells like fresh air. Everywhere in the villages people start to prepare for spring. It is almost 1st of March, the first day of spring, the symbol of rebirth. Spring light invades people souls and makes them better to each other. The warmth revives everything from plants to animals. This is the evidence of that finally spring has triumphed over winter.


In the past people used to offer trinkets to children and young people. The trinket had to be offered before dawn. This is a very old spring tradition. Nowadays people still offer trinkets, mostly to women and young girls. The red and white twine, made out of wool, represents the contrasts: spring – winter, light – dark, hot – cold. The twine was worn until people were able to see the first signs of spring. After that they had to tie it to a tree in order to be lucky the whole year. Lately to the twine was added a silver coin which represents the sun. So the trinket became a symbol of fire and light, a symbol of the Sun. Nowadays the trinket symbolizes the rebirth, faith, optimism and happiness.

An old myth says that many years ago the Sun used to transform in a young man and walk on earth. One day a dragon kidnapped him and locked him in a dungeon. A young man fought to release the Sun during three seasons (summer, autumn and winter) until he finally defeated the dragon. Once with the return on the Sun on the sky the nature came back to life. The blood from the hero’s wounds dripped on the white snow. So in his memory the young men are supposed to intertwine a red and a white thread and to offer it to maidens. Red symbolizes the savior’s courage and love and white symbolizes the purity, the beginning of spring and the first spring flower – the snowdrop.

The celebration of the beginning of spring dates back from Dacians times. There are archeological evidences which prove the fact that 1st of March has been celebrated on these fairy tale lands for more that 8000 years. The Dacians used to wear around their neck trinkets made out of small stones painted in red and white. It seems that 1st of March was the beginning of the calendar year for the Dacians and that there were only two seasons – summer and winter. The trinket was some kind of an amulet meant to bring luck, health, happiness and love.

The Romans celebrate on 1st of March the god of nature forces, spring and agriculture, Mars. He is also the god of war. That is the reason for the red and white twine. For the Romans it represented the contrast between peace and war.


Spring energy overruns the whole nature. Birds start to nest. Animals do not hibernate any more. The first leaves start to grow and everything is dressed in a light green so beautiful and fresh. People start to clean the houses and their souls and embrace the first signs of spring. The gardens are prepared to be cultivated. The last remains of winter are eliminated.


We, the Pure Romania team, wish you a happy first day of spring! Make sure that you let in the spring inspiration wherever you are and that you will enjoy fully the spring energy. Stop for a moment and smell the spring flowers and the fresh air and admire the power of the nature to revive after every harsh winter.


Article by Andreea Andrei

Photo: PureRomania