The Romanian LEU is the national currency. The plural is LEI (pronounced lay)
The coins are called “bani”- pronounced ( bahnee).
1 leu = 100 bani

Below you can see a list of exchange rates for usual currencies:

1st of September 2013

1 USA Dollar = 3.35 lei
1 EURO = 4.43 lei
1 British Pound = 5,19 lei
1 Canadian Dollar = 3,18 lei
1 Australian Dollar = 2,99 lei
1 New Zeeland Dollar =2,60

Please check – – the National Banck website for daily rates.

The best way to buy is by credit card. Most common credit cards are accepted. However, you must pay attention to notify your bank about your trip. There is a vast ATM network and you can have cash money wherever and whenever you want.
Upon arrival, the guide will give you more information and will assist you whenever you will want to use money. He/She will tell you about the prices and the average costs for the usual products.