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The most beautiful part of Romania is represented by its beautiful people

Due to the cultural influences, the traditions maintained in each of the big provinces, the great differences between living in rural places as opposed to urban environment, you will find in Romania a mosaic of people with different ways of behaving and different cultural values. The Romanian hospitality and the beauty of the girls which are living here are also well known.

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The most interesting part is the rural one, which represents almost a half of the total population. Here many traditions are well kept and the way of life is totally different. These persons are characterized by the smile and the tranquility that can be seen on their faces.

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Their lives are finely balanced with time and nature and they live by respecting old unwritten laws, kept from father to son. Their life is influenced by the 4 seasons and the agricultural activities they practice. Inspired by these Romanian villagers, Prince Charles said, in an interview for BBC, Wild Carpathia – “People are yearning for that sense of belonging and identity and meaning!”. This shows the authenticity of the way these people are living. This is a fact that differentiates Romania, makes it unique and gives it a big value as a tourist destination.

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Down below you can read about the way of living in the villages located on the hills of Arges (Arges is a county in the Southern part of the Carpathian Mountains, located in the central part of Romania). Here villages are large, occupying significant areas of land. The distance between houses is relatively large, allowing each family to have enough ground to cultivate corn and vegetables. Families have cows, pigs, chickens and other animals that provide them healthy food and allow them to have a sustainable way of life. Even if they buy some of the other needed products from supermarkets or small shops, they still produce “in-house” a significant part of their daily food, from ingredients they harvest from their gardens.

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If you believe in eco food, this area must be the heaven of it because everything here is natural and because the pollution of these places is insignificant. Life is beautiful here because people are totally free. They wake up and plan their activities in order to complete the agriculture activities. They do not have jobs, schedules, objectives, bosses, trams or subways, they don’t waste time in traffic and they always breathe fresh air. Here, only nature and its beauty are alongside them. They still keep a part of their ancient traditions and they have a rich spiritual life. It is almost another world. In some villages from other regions they even have a traditional wearing that they use every day.

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Simplicity and happiness

If you go to a crowded place in Bucharest, the capital, you will immediately spot these villagers, they are different, their faces are bright and they are happy and reconciled with themselves.

The case described above is available for the elders, because the young people of today live a mixt life. They usually have a job in the nearest town and do live in the way described above in a village, but only by practicing agriculture in their free time.

But here in Romania you will find also very happy and beautiful inside young people.

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These parts of Romania have influenced and inspired many great artists, out of whom some of them are internationally renowned: Constantin Brancusi, George Enescu.

Romania also has many personalities; below you can discover only a few of them, alongside the touristic place where you can find out more about each.

  1. Dracula (Vlad Tepes)
  2. George Enescu
  3. Constantin Brancusi
  4. Henri Coanda
  5. Mircea Eliade
  6. Nadia Comaneci

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