Project Description

Great landscapes

Balea lac, Transfagarasan, Pure Romania, Fagars MountainsMany times we emphasize the contrasts of Romania and the beauty which rises from them. In this section we present a collection of them by showing some landscapes picked from all over the country. Every place caught in these pictures will also be found in the proposed tours.

Mountains, Sun, Clouds, freedom, Below God

We believe that the most powerful memories that remain alive after a visit to a foreign country are the images. They have the power to bring back to life other types of memories like fragrances, feelings, moods. Through this section, we want to inspire you to dream, even if you haven’t seen these places yet, or to inspire you to remember the atmosphere and the good feelings if you already have been here.

Romanian village, light, sky

Enjoy the photos and the colors of this pure place called Romania!

Bird's eye view  Romanian Village

Photographs copyrights:

Adrian Petrisor

Claudiu Guraliuc

Romanian Roads, Rucar Bran, Romania by car

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