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Sanziene La Corbi 2015

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Sanziene La Corbi 2015 - #SanzieneLaCorbi2015 The Organization of #SanzieneLaCorbi2015         In May we completed the concept and began the promotion. We inspired ourselves from the experience gained in September 2014 – the wedding of the Korean couple settled in New York. We have chosen the same [...]

Transhumance – the sheep’s way up along Arges River

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The transhumance -  unique experiences in Romania The sheep’s way up along Arges River, years of history and traditions, transhumance Arges is the proud and lively river that flows from the Carpathians towards the Danube going after its provenience point through Făgăraș Mountains, passing then through the Subcarpathians, the Getic Plateau [...]

Traveler in Romania – Viscri – the village where time has patience

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Traveler in Romania - Viscri Hai-Hui through Romania - diary of a traveler Viscri – the village where time has patience Viscri is a village in Brașov County, Transylvania, Romania. Viscri is one of the six fortified churches introduced into UNESCO world heritage site. The place became known by [...]

Life is about moments – traditional Romanian wedding in Bucovina

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Traditional wedding in Bucovina (Northern Romania) Life is about moments! When you look back on your life you will see moments linked together in beautiful stories. The sad thing about them is that they are time limited, usually very short, and so is the happiness that they offer [...]

The fashion brand Anthropologie – Romanian fashion inspiration for the cold season

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The fashion brand Anthropologie – Romanian Inspiration for the cold season . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

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