Free tours in Romania

September Pure Romania Free Tour

We began this project “Free tours in Romania” in order to promote Romania as touristic destination. There are a number of special places which the tourist do not know or ignore because of the lack of information. We try through these free tours to promote beside the classical destinations the unconventional places. The hiking tours are the ones that help us the most in this project.


 In September we realized a hiking tour with the winner of free tours contest and two of her friends. She has chosen Bucegi mountains. We have made a happy and lively team with her and  her two friends. We have chosen a long, but spectacular trail. Our journey started from Gura Diham Chalet, situated at a few kilometres from Busteni.

Properly equipped we have started the trip to Malaiesti Chalet. The climb was hard and long, but full of charm. The forest from Bucegi seems to be alive, it feels your presence and vibrates with you. And no, I do not mean the bears that have shelter here, but the good energy that it gives you. It is like the forest lives the moment at the same time as you.

We have soon reached Malaiesti Chalet which seems to be ripped from books that talk about utopian lands. It impresses by the greatness of the place. It is a place in an oasis of good, peace, spectacular and wonder. In this place the nature seems to be carved by The Creator. It is a place where you should spend at least two night a year, a place capable to bring you inspiration.

We have followed the climb till up on the ridge, always looking toward Bucsoiu Mare peak, which dominates the entire glacial cirque.

The guests felt so good. Both Georgiana and her friends were already familiar with the mountains and the hiking. Andrei, Georgiana’s guest talked about the experience: “You can have imagination and see the things very beautiful, you can imagine how it is going to be there up on the mountain, but nothing compares to the feeling that you really have on the route being surrounded by some beautiful people and some absolutely gorgeous landscapes. The chosen route was rather long, but very beautiful. We were able to fully enjoy the nature’s greatness and to recharge our batteries. For this beautiful experience I want to thank to the guys from Pure Romania and to Georgiana who gave me the chance to go in this trip. I want to conclude with a quote from the great Brancusi who said that “You have to try ceaselessly to to climb very high, if you want to be able to see far away…””.

The day was unforgettable. The moments were full of charm and meaning. We will be back soon.

We continue for the entire 2014 our campaign of free tours and we hope to lit a light in the soul of as many people and to bring inspiration. I end this article with the winner’s impressions, Georgiana’s impressions, and with the advice to always seek and find the inspiration. Georgiana said: “It was a wonderful autumn beginning! It was a ride in Bucegi mountains along with Pure Romania and friends on a very beautiful trail, with gentle and steep paths, chains, chamois and the return through the woods. I thank Pure Romania for the chance to participate to this contest and for the seriousness showed in organising this trip”.

Photos by Georgiana and Pure Romania

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