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Authentic Romania

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Authentic Romania – 4000 years of history "It’s the timelessness of it which is so remarkable, almost out of some of those stories one used to read as a child.",  Charles, Prince of Wales. This is Authentic Romania. Ask a Romanian which knows the Romanian history and has travelled a bit around the country about [...]

Transhumance – the sheep’s way up along Arges River

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The transhumance -  unique experiences in Romania The sheep’s way up along Arges River, years of history and traditions, transhumance Arges is the proud and lively river that flows from the Carpathians towards the Danube going after its provenience point through Făgăraș Mountains, passing then through the Subcarpathians, the Getic Plateau [...]

Where can I watch FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest

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Where can I watch FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest? FIFA World Cup football matches in Bucharest – football at its peak in a Latin capital.             FIFA World Cup has begun! Live it up at maximum in town with people with Latin blood, full of life and enthusiasm. In [...]

Traveler in Romania – Viscri – the village where time has patience

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Traveler in Romania - Viscri Hai-Hui through Romania - diary of a traveler Viscri – the village where time has patience Viscri is a village in Brașov County, Transylvania, Romania. Viscri is one of the six fortified churches introduced into UNESCO world heritage site. The place became known by [...]

Bran Castle – between myth and history

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A visit to Bran Castle A place to remember, Bran Castle also known as Dracula's Castle Everyone knows something about Dracula, the famous character from Bram Stocker’s book that had such a great resonance. What not everyone knows is that Bran Castle is the place that inspired the writer.  In [...]

Spring skiing in Romania – adventure tour

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Adventure tour Romania Spring skiing Location – Romania, Bucegi Mountains, Pripon ValleyDate - 29th March 2014 Group - 4 passionate skiers + 1 snowboarder This was a one day adventure tour with starting point in Bucharest.   The adventure tour has begun in Bucharest in the morning. [...]

Life is about moments – traditional Romanian wedding in Bucovina

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Traditional wedding in Bucovina (Northern Romania) Life is about moments! When you look back on your life you will see moments linked together in beautiful stories. The sad thing about them is that they are time limited, usually very short, and so is the happiness that they offer [...]

First snow in the Bucegi Mountains

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First snow in the Bucegi Mountains . . . a journey, a story, a metaphor. . . Travel Journal (pictures taken with mobile phone) A journey, a story Each place has its own story, charm, emotions and experiences. The ones we have found exploring the Bucegi Mountains during autumn are [...]

George Enescu Festival 2013 – The 21st Edition

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George Enescu Festival 2013 - The 21st Edition 1958 - 1961 - 1964 - 1967 - 1970 - 1973 - 1976 - 1979 - 1981 - 1985 - 1988 - 1991 - 1995 - 1998 - 2001 - 2003 - 2005 - 2007 - 2009 - 2011 - 2013 George Enescu [...]

The fashion brand Anthropologie – Romanian fashion inspiration for the cold season

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The fashion brand Anthropologie – Romanian Inspiration for the cold season . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

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